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Modern software for counting the work of agricultural workers

e-punnet is an application with a dedicated wristband for farmers, which automates the settlement process and supervision of employees' work. You can start today! No contract, you only pay per use.

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Harvesting fruit is a complicated process that requires the work of many people. Let us help! e-punnet is a project that can automate one of the most critical moments of this process, i.e. handing over packages with harvested fruit by employees. Thanks to our application on your phone and the provided wristbands for employees, you will only spend a moment calculating the effects of their work. Not only on a piece-rate basis, but also on an hourly basis!

e-punnet is:

No contract - billing based on usage.

Saving your time.

A system that can operate completely offline - requires data synchronization (network/wifi) once a day.

A system that shows the full history of collections, e.g. the number of packages collected by individual employees in a given hour.

Web and mobile applications with a preview of your work results.

Fast and automatic employee settlement, increasing work efficiency.

Mapping the field using GPS and assigning work results to a given field.

The application works on several phones at the same time.

1 Receiving the wristband

The employee receives an individual wristband that he must have with him during harvest.

2Fruit picking

The employee collects fruit and packs it into baskets.

3Enter the amount of fruit harvested

Recording the number of collected baskets begins by placing the employee's wristband on the phone with the application. Only then is it possible to settle accounts with the punnets. The farmer enters the employee's result, and the employee applies the wristband a second time to confirm the number of spinners.

4Salary control

If the employee installs the application, he will have access to information about his salary.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call +48 666 935 931

And how much does it cost?

We cooperate with many agricultural organizations for which we have prepared discounts. For this reason, ask your association if you already work with us. If not, please contact us, we will be happy to establish new cooperation.

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